Using alpha Lib.Web.Mvc NuGet packages from MyGet

I've setup a package source at MyGet for alpha releases of Lib.Web.Mvc. This post describes how to configure Visual Studio in order to use it.

The alpha packages come with no guarantees and they do not substitute for the official NuGet packages.

Adding Package Source

In order to use the alpha packages you first need to add a package source to Visual Studio pointing to the MyGet feed at Under the Visual Studio Tools menu select Options and follow below steps:

Package Sources Screen

  1. Expand Package Manager node
  2. Choose Package Sources node
  3. Click the Add button
  4. Fill in the Name and the Source fields
  5. Click the Update button
  6. Click the Ok button to close the options

Using Package Source

In order to use the alpha packages in Visual Studio project under the Visual Studio Project menu select Manage NuGet Packages:

Manage Packages Screen

  1. Expand Online node
  2. Choose the node corresponding to previously added source
  3. Choose the Include Prerelease option from dropdown
  4. Click the Install button

This will add the latest alpha version of Lib.Web.Mvc to the project.